Atlas Environmental provides complete environmental remediation (clean-up) equipment for sites with water and/or soil contamination. The systems are designed and developed based on client requirements or the client can select one of Atlas' systems. The company's commitment to FIELD PROVEN SYSTEMS has ensured the successful application of its innovative technology at the lowest possible cost.

The systems are designed to handle sites contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbons, solvents, and other volatile organics. They were permitted by Southern California South Coast Air Quality Management District, Water Quality Control Boards and Health Departments in several counties.
Typically, an Atlas Environmental clean-up system is a modular, compact unit able to treat groundwater and/or soil below regulatory limits. Usually the system consists of two to four modules.

  • Water and/or Soil vapor extraction (or DPE)
  • Product/Water Separator (holding tank)
  • Water Treatment (stripping or carbon)
  • Air Treatment (catalytic, thermal or carbon)

To create an unitary and efficient system, the following units should be considered, based on the site contamination:

  • Groundwater Extraction Unit
  • Soil Vapor Extraction Unit
  • Free Product Removal Unit
  • Air Sparging Unit
  • Water Treatment Unit
  • Air/Vapor Treatment Unit

Atlas Environmental provides all mentioned modules and units.